Complete Relief from Migraine

  • Prathiba Jayaram Nashville

    I had been suffering with migraine for more than 20 years....

    I had been suffering with migraine for more than 20 years (since college days in India). It used to start on one side of head progressing to whole head, neck, shoulder and would continue for days. It became progressively severe over the years after I moved to US in 2000. Last few years I have been so down that I had to quit my job and did not have any life a...Read more

  • B. Rajender, IAS Govt. of Maharashtra 09870706750

    Finally an end to twenty years old sufferings from Migraine....

    I am 35 years male working with State Government Services of Maharashtra. I had been suffering with Chronic Migraine for last twenty years with an average frequency of four times in a month, lasting for two to three days with moderate to severe intensity (VAS SCORE - 8). Migraine had affected my daily routine and was hampering my personal, professional and s...Read more

  • Sakshi Saini

    Migraine free life...

    31 years old lady , now in USA shares her 27 years long suffering with Refectory Migraine with daily dependence on pain killers and Triptans. She presented with a VAS score of 10, MIDAS score of 105 on 19 September 2016. She celebrates her first anniversary of Ayurvedic Treatment with no intake of pain killer.............

  • Mrs Ankita Parwani Mumbai

    Reversal of Migraine!

    Middle aged lady from Mumbai expresses her gratitude towards Padmashri VaidyaBalenduPrakash for bringing complete relief to her. She had been suffering with migraine for sixteen long yeas and lately had turned into Refractory / Chronic / MedicationOveruseMigraine category. She has completed three years remission post #AyurvedicTreatment.

  • MS. Sunita Rajwar, F Mumbai 9821 092

    Now, back on track

    Myself Sunita Rajwar working as TV, Theatre and Film artist... I am from Nainital and had this headache problem since my childhood. As I grew up my headache grew and disappeared from time to time.... When I started working in Mumbai since 2000 it just grew never disappeared and became worst from bad. I got my eyes tested as earlier I could not diagnose it as...Read more

  • Umedbala Jaisalmeria Thane

    Now, I can travel anywhere I like, without any fear of headache

    I am Mrs. Umedbala Jaisalmeria, 54 years old house wife. I was a migraine patient and my problem started in 2008. I used to have a severe headache more than four times a month. My pain was pulsating in nature and was localized at back of my head. My attacks were aggravated by travelling, stress & tension, exertion, lack of sleep, weather change, oily foo...Read more

  • Jyoti K Madan

    Those 21 days changed my life...

    I started to get migraines about 10 years ago . Last year I started getting daily debilitating headaches and I would feel lucky if I had one or two days without one.   It has been a long and painful road. I had always been an active sports person and now I had stopped exercise completely as any attempt to exercise would lead to a headache. Althoug...Read more

  • Sailaja A. Kerala

    I suffered with migraine for 14 years... and now migraine free for last 9 years, big thank you Vaidya Ji

    I was a migraine patient since 1984, while I was a 22 year old, a postgraduate student I was having migraine attack, minimum twice a week, with severe headache and vomiting sensation which lasted for about six hours. I was unable to learn or do even my routine works. I have tried many systems of medicine including modern medicine and homeopathy , but of no a...Read more

  • Hitesh Makheeja Rishikesh 9927350000

    My story with and without Migraine

    It all started at the age of 12, i recall my painful days during my schooling and collage life, there was hardly any day when i was without any pain killer later i was put on iv injections and high dosages anti migraine medicines by specialists of allopathy, that resulted in many side effects specially fatty liver and elevated liver enzymes. I have become a ...Read more


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  • AMC offers Safe, Effective and Scientifically proven innovation to bring complete relief to migraine patients.

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