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Myself Sunita Rajwar working as TV, Theatre and Film artist... I am from Nainital and had this headache problem since my childhood. As I grew up my headache grew and disappeared from time to time.... When I started working in Mumbai since 2000 it just grew never disappeared and became worst from bad. I got my eyes tested as earlier I could not diagnose it as migraine.. by the time I diagnosed it I was already 30. People told me its stress, unhealthy food habits, my work profile, lack of sleep and other 100 things for my migraine but no cure and relief. My migraine started from twice a month to twice a week and I started throwing up frequently not sleeping for whole night and going for whole early morning... due to my work I could never ask for a break and used to shoot for hours in headache.. the most dangerous issue with me was my job profile.. all that triggers migraine was in it... big and loud sounds, lights, timeless work and no systematic time for food breaks. I was in oblivion and all my relations were also getting affected... I was getting very irritated and it was hampering my work.. I tried homeopathy but it did not suit me...whatever I came across I tried to get rid of this migraine... then one fine morning there was a pamphlet in my newspaper... it was about some seminar on migraine. I thank god that I attended this seminar as today after 120 days of great Vaidya Balendu Prakash’s course, I am so healthy that it seems I never had migraine in my life... ya, last but not the least, I did take their medication and food plan very very religiously. And I think whoever suffers from migraine can never be careless in taking their medication.. Vaidji is great and so is the team who follows up till you recover completely. A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Ms. Sunita Rajwar, F

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