Complete Relief from Migraine

Finally an end to twenty years old sufferings from Migraine....

I am 35 years male working with State Government Services of Maharashtra. I had been suffering with Chronic Migraine for last twenty years with an average frequency of four times in a month, lasting for two to three days with moderate to severe intensity (VAS SCORE - 8). Migraine had affected my daily routine and was hampering my personal, professional and social life (MIDAS – 10). I consulted top neurologist and headache specialists of Mmbai and underwent conventional allopathic medicine ( Rescue and prophylaxis both) for many months and also received homeopathic and aryurvedic medicines from top specialist of the respective fields. One day I came to know about Vadya Balendu Prakash and met with him at Mumbai. I was deeply impressed with his understanding on migraine which was totally different from others. Owing to his advise I attended his residential treatment center in Dehradun on 12/05/12 for ten days. I witnessed gradual improvement and finally got complete relief from Migraine after consuming 120 days of aryurvedic treatment. Now I complete ten months symptom free and energetic life and has no side effect. I am off all sorts of medicines. Cheers.....

B. Rajender, IAS

Maharashtra, INDIA


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