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I had been suffering with migraine for more than 20 years....

I had been suffering with migraine for more than 20 years (since college days in India). It used to start on one side of head progressing to whole head, neck, shoulder and would continue for days. It became progressively severe over the years after I moved to US in 2000. Last few years I have been so down that I had to quit my job and did not have any life anymore. I was treated with whole gamut of antiepileptic’s, antidepressants, triptans and pain medications. I was on several preventive medications like Depakote, Nortriptyline, Betaxolol along with Triptans, Ketorolac injection and Naproxen for migraine attacks. Hence, I suffered from severe side effects of medications like weakness, tremors, liver toxicity, cognitive dysfunction and depression to the point that I even had thoughts of committing suicide. I had been in and out of emergency several times. It so happened that duringmy visit to INDIA last year I found out about Vaidya Balendu Prakash and his Ayurvedic treatment from a very close friend’s cousin who had migraine treatment at Padaav. Vaidji and Shikha were so gracious to admit me for the treatment immediately. I went to Dehradun with lot of skepticism as I had tried severaltreatments like yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy and biofeedback without any effect. At Padaav, I was taken off of all allopathic medications and replaced with Ayurvedic medicine and diet restriction. I had a very bad withdrawal syndrome and suffered from severe headache for almost two weeks due to prior allopathic medicines. Everyone at Padaav were very kind and Vaidji was always available to treat my headache in spite of his busy schedule. He explained his research about the link between acidity, gall bladder inflammation and migraineand instilledin me the importance of diet and headache. As the severity of headaches reduced, I slowly gained confidence in managing the pain with diet. I continued Vaidji’s Ayurvedic medicine for the next 7 months at US along with diet restriction as instructed by him. It’sbeen one year and I had only one migraine episode due toa change in diet. I have learnt to avoid all acidic, fried, processed, junk foods and drink 6 to 8 glasses of hot water daily.After 20 years, for the first time, I am able to enjoy medicine free, headache free and gastritis free life. I am able to engage in activities like singing, attending concerts, traveling, painting etc., which I could not think of doing earlier. It is a miracle that after all these years of suffering and visiting India several times that I found out about Vaidji and his migraine treatment last year. As a researcher and pharmacist in US, I admireVaidji and his team’s applied research and treatment of migraine, chronic pancreatitis etc., and wish them lots of success in all their endeavors. I hope my story will be an eye opener to anyone suffering from this debilitatingmigraine headache.

Prathiba Jayaram


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