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From the past 25 years, I was suffering from headache

From the past 25 years, I was suffering from headache. I consulted famous doctor in Bangalore Dr. Mruthyunjaya and prescribed some medicines (name not known). I could not get complete relief from migraine. In the early days the headache lasted for 2-3 hours, and then the duration increased. I consulted many expert physicians in the course of time; I used to take 5-6 Dolopar Tab per day. My daily routine activities were disturbed. I lost cheerfulness and interest in life. I had even consulted Dr. Saroja Krishnamurthy and prescribed me tablets. When I took the medicine the relief was temporary . Again there was relapse of headache. I was frustrated and depressed and upset in my life. I had thought I would never get the relief from migraine throughout my life. Then I consulted Vd. Sunil Kumar whose house is next to our road. I followed the diet and took the prescribed medicines. Slowly I got relief from the headache. In 20 days nearly 60%, within 2 months 75- 80% of headache got relieved . Within 3 months 90% of illness is cured. Now I am following the restrictions given by Vd. Sunil Kumar, I really thank Vd. Sunil with my heart for giving a miraculous treatment.

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I am Prakash aged 51 years. I am working in State Bank of Mysore

I am Prakash aged 51 years. I am working in State Bank of Mysore. I was suffering from headache since 30 years. Previously the attack was on the forehead and the frequency was once in 3 to 4 months. Since 20 years headache started on the occipital region also. At that time frequency of migraine was once in 4 to5 months. Since 3 years the frequency has reduced to once in 2 months, once in a month and even once in 15 days. The severity of the pain was so much that it was unbearable. Usually, the attack used to start from the morning itself and goes on progressing till evening and get subsided only after vomiting. In this connection for the last 20 years I have consulted so many doctors, allopathic and homeopathy , but the problem did not solved.

During November 2005 I read a newspaper regarding treatment for migraine headache by Dr.Hiremath. Though I was frustrated about this problem, ray of instinct induced me to consult Dr.Hiremath and take treatment. Treatment started from November 21st 2005 and continued till 22nd of March 2006. I have followed all the instructions given by the doctor and also food instructions. For the last 6 months after the treatment was commenced I have migraine attacks on two occasions, but the ferocity of the pain was not much.

Now I am feeling better and the treatment given by Dr.Hiremath is safe and comfortable. I am grateful to doctor for having rendered treatment for migraine problem.


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I was suffering from migraine since childhood

I am Savitha Suri, an Ayurvedic Vaidya. I was suf fering from migraine since childhood. This used to interrupt my study pattern and school routine. I used to take painkillers in the beginning and later on switched over to painkiller injections as oral painkiller medications failed to show the desired relief. I tried Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment for this, but it was not very effective. Fortunately I met Dr.Hiremath at Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Centre who advised me this treatment. As an Ayurvedic doctor I am proud to say that Lord Dhanvantari blessed me through this treatment and I am helping my patients to come out of the clutches of Migraine through this treatment. Now I hardly take any tablets and injections, do not find any place in my vicinity. My working hours increased and I am able to carry out my work in profession and family uninterrupted. Thanks a lot for Dr.Hiremath and the treatment he advised. May Lord Dhanvatari bless all with his divine medicine.

Savitha Suri

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