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Those 21 days changed my life...

I started to get migraines about 10 years ago . Last year I started getting daily debilitating headaches and I would feel lucky if I had one or two days without one.

It has been a long and painful road. I had always been an active sports person and now I had stopped exercise completely as any attempt to exercise would lead to a headache. Although very highly qualified , my professional life was now in doldrums as I was not able to work on most days. I seem to have lost all my friends as I just could not socialize on most days. My family also suffered as they saw me in pain every day.

I tried medications from all possible doctors – general physicians , headache specialists , neurologists and homeopaths . I was taking painkillers and other medicines like triptans etc on a daily basis. However nothing seemed to help. Further the side effects of some of these medicines were too much to handle.

I truly feel I have been blessed by God - He introduced me to Vaidyaji . I stayed in Dehradun at Vaidyaji’s Clinic for three weeks and those 21 days changed my life . Vaidyaji and Vaidya Shikha helped me to leave all my medicines completely and adopt a lifestyle where I learnt to eat , sleep and exercise correctly.

I am now headache free . I exercise daily . I have returned to my work . I have started socializing and my family is so much happier n . In short Vaidyaji and Shikhaji helped me get back to life.

In case anyone has migraine they should contact Vaidyaji immediately as he and his team can change their life !

Please feel free to contact me . I’ll be happy to help anyone.

Jyoti K Madan


I suffered with migraine for 14 years... and now migraine free for last 9 years, big thank you Vaidya Ji

I was a migraine patient since 1984, while I was a 22 year old, a postgraduate student I was having migraine attack, minimum twice a week, with severe headache and vomiting sensation which lasted for about six hours. I was unable to learn or do even my routine works. I have tried many systems of medicine including modern medicine and homeopathy , but of no avail. I came to know of Vd. Balendu Prakash when he successfully treated one of our family friends for AML M3. our confidence in him was so high, that when we heard that Vaidyaji started treatment for migraine, we opted for it. Vaidyaji started my treatment in May 2005. I took medicines under strict diet control as per Vaidyaji’s instructions for about seven months though migraine subsided within four months. Vaidyaji stopped my medicines by Jan.2006. I never had migraine attack even since. Even my traveling sickness (I was unable to travel continuously for even 30 minutes without vomiting) vanished. I am very much indebted to Vaidyaji for saving me from this disease which haunted me for more than 20 years. Vaidyaji and his team of dedicated Vaidyas doing a wonderful job by proving that our great traditional system of medicine do have remedies where even modern medicine seems to have no solutions. With great respect and regards, I wish all of them success.

Sailaja A.

Srisailam, ITI Housing Colony, Kadamkode, Karingarapally Post, Palakkad, Kerala-673 559


My story with and without Migraine

It all started at the age of 12, i recall my painful days during my schooling and collage life, there was hardly any day when i was without any pain killer later i was put on iv injections and high dosages anti migraine medicines by specialists of allopathy, that resulted in many side effects specially fatty liver and elevated liver enzymes. I have become a lifeless guy and was very depressed. At this juncture, I heard about Vaidya Balendu Prakash's speciality on Migraine and Liver disease. In the very first meeting vaidya Ji told me that he will cure me for both the diesaes.... And he was true to his words now it five years, I have almost forgotten about the misery and pain of migraine and live normally and happily with my family, friends and work. Big thanks to Vaidya Ji and Team Padaav, Dehradun.

Hitesh Makheeja

Rishikesh, India


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