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I am suffering from migraine headache since 15-20 years

My name is Rajesh, aged about 39 years. I am working in gram panchayath office as a tax collector. I am suffering from migraine headache since 15-20 years. I have met renowned doctors and taken medications. But I did not final any relief from allopathic medicines. I thought that I would get relief from my symptoms from a homeopathic doctor and hence took homeopathic treatment for 2 years. But the result was zero. I was worried only about my headache. I could not face eight and I had head reel and vomiting. This had affected my daily routine. 4 months back, I read Kannada Prabha newspaper, and found information about treatment to migraine. Hence I contacted the doctor on mobile and came to Bangalore. According to the advice of Dr. Raghavendra Babu I took ayurvedic medicines for 4 months. After taking the medications till now I have no attacks of migraine at all. My migraine problem has completely stopped. Really ayurvedic medicines are best. The cost effectiveness is also good compared to other medication. Even middle class people can afford these medicines.

Dr. Raghavendra Babu has given me a new life. I am very grateful to Dr. Raghavendra Babu.

M.N. Rajesh, F, 39

Mahathma Gandhi Nagar, Ponnampet, Virajpet Taluk, Kodagu District

Mobile: 9449403464

My migraine started sometime in August 2004

My migraine started sometime in August 2004, the frequency was monthly to monthly and the attack lasted from 5-10 days at a time. None of the allopathic medicines / painkillers comes to help. My professional life got disturbed and at the point of time I left my job to fully stay at home. After a period of few months I came to know about this treatment (Ayurvedic) from my brother who in turn came to know through his friend. I took the medicines from Dr. Raghavendra. He explained me in detail the diet plan and also gave me medicines.

Dr. Raghavendra. He explained me in detail the diet plan and also gave me medicines. The treatment helped me immensely and I did not have any problems for a period of 5-6 months. However due to disturbed and stressed lifestyle I again got one attack which was again controlled immensely by the medicines. The ayurvedic medicine for migraine has been a great help to me and I recommend it to any one who has the same problem.

Ritu Jain Gaurav

Head-Centre of Excellence Telecom, Infinite Computer Solutions, Bangalore

Mobile: 9886725210

I have this complaint of headache since 8 years

I have this complaint of headache since 8 years. As time passed gradually it started more severe. Initially it used to come for few hours and then after 1 year it started coming daily for 3-4 hours continuously , sometimes still more. At the same time I got married and after few days I gave birth to a child and with this life seems to be more miserable for me. Whenever I get headache I couldn’t concentrate my work and also on my child finally I use to take Tab. Crocin (2) in no. 3 times a day , even then it would last for few hours and then gradually reduced to mild pain. Then, I consulted many doctors, from which I came to know that the headache which I was suffering from is not a common headache, it was termed as ’MIGRAINE” and also I came to know that there is no medication for this kind of headache, which betrayed me a lot and gradually I lost my ability to withstand the pain.

On day my father came across an advertisement in ’VIJAY KARNATAKA’ newspaper regarding the Ayurvedic treatment for migraine by Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu. With this I consulted Vd. Babu and took medications for 3 months. Now I am happy that after taking Ayurvedic medication, my headache has come to a stage of complete cure. I gratefully thank Vd. Babu for giving me such kind of treatment for my headache and also providing me all kind of comforts for getting the medications through courier at time without fail.

Smt. Roopa K. Bhat

Udayagiri, Hassan District-573 201

Mobile: 9945914732

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