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I was suffering from severe one side headache, since six years

I was suffering from severe one side headache, since six years associated with vomiting nausea occurring once a week there by disturbing my daily curriculum. It would start for 12 to 16 hours during which I would not be able to concentrate on my work and my productivity of work was affected. I would take tab crocin to get me relieved of my pain but at times it got worsened I started my treatment of migraine October 2005 with Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu. Gradually vomiting, nausea came down during the first month of treatment even the intensity of headache and frequency reduced I felt much better during the treatment and am happy that my headache has been controlled with Ayurvedic medicine. Since one year I have stopped my medications and there is no attack of headache as before and I am completely relieved from nausea, vomiting sensation which used to persist continuously even without headache. I gratefully thanks for Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu for giving me such kind of treatment for my headache along with some dietary and life style changes.


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I am suffering from migraine since 15 years

My name is Geetha, aged about 26 years; I am treated by Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor for my ailment, MIGRAINE. I am suffering from migraine since 15 years for which I consulted so many doctors for the cure of my ailment. Then I came to a conclusion that my ailment will not be cured even with all the medications given to me by the consulted doctors for many years. With the help of an advertisement in the newspaper I came to known that Dr. V.M. Bhat treats migraine. Immediately, the next day I consulted him and he started the medications for me and continued for 3 months medications within this period I got headache only once, then I called Dr. V.M. Bhat and got the suggestion from him. I feel now 90% of my headache has been cured, which was suffered by me since 15 years, which means in the first year I used to get headache only once the same continued for 5-6 years, then since 3 years, it used to come once in 6 months, then since 2 years, it used to come twice a month, finally since 1 ½ years once in a week, it used to appear. Like this, within 1 year it increased to an extent of twice a day or thrice a day which used to disturb my efficiency in work and would make me more stressful. It used to come while traveling in the bus, which I couldn’t tolerate. Now after taking ayurvedic treatment for 3 months, I feel 90% of my headache has been cured. Previously, if there is an attack then taking medicines was not giving me any relief but now at times if I get an attack within 5 seconds, the headache completely regresses without any medications if at all, I take only Tab. Anacin.

Geetha L.

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I am getting headache since 20 years

I am getting headache since 20 years, initially when I go for a function and their, the different colorful issues would trigger me, similarly, when I travel in bus, or see any films, headache would follow me along with tiredness and vomiting. During summer season, headache used to increase in the morning would suppress within evening. At this time even if I drink water, it also gets vomited, especially during my periods headache used to be continuously for 4-5 days.

For the first time, when I consulted a doctor, I was kept on Tab. Brufen and Stemetil them, diagnosing this headache as migraine, I was kept on Tab. Vasograin, Tab. Ditide to be taken before my periods from all these medications, it seems to get reduced but after few days it returned to be got reduced but after few days it returned to the same state as before. Then, I consulted Dr. Agadi, a neurologist; we gave me Tab. Divaa 250mg. Tab. Movibion from these medications, vomiting sensations subsided completely but not the headache which continued for 3-4 days continuously associated with heaviness of the body and lassitude. Like this my headache was not cured with all the above said medications, Amidst these, I got one CT Scan done and reports was absolutely normal but headache was as it is like before.

One day, I came across one advertisement in the newspaper and then consulted Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor. On that day, with mere examination, he told me to come after 2 days. Then I am on the 3 mouth of medication, I am following each and every instructions given by him. At the beginning, there was fatigueness in my both the limbs, and headache used to came at times not as before. Now, headache appears only during my period times and I am feeling lightless in the body like this I thought if continue these medications for a few day, my headache will be completely cured and from this, gained some amount of confidence in me.

But the cost of the treatment is slightly high. Monthly 2000 rupees have to be spent, which is not every individual can do, so I think it has to be made easy to access for each and every individual. Finally my long lasting headache is been completely cured with the medications given by Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor.

Rohini Narendra Babu

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